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One of my good friends and roommate is making these knitted Baby Groots in a pot! She wanted me to toss them up here on tumblr and see if there was any interest in them because she might start selling them. She said she’s thinking about charging $15 plus shipping. Please send me an ask if you’re interested so I can get a good idea of how many of you might want one of these adorable babies! How can you resist that little Groot face? Please reblog and share with your friends! Thank yooooou.

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*eats 4 slices of pizza*

im so full

*eats another 4 slices of pizza*

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10 random facts

Supposed to put 10 random facts about myself and then message 10 of my favorite followers to do the same…but seeing as I don’t have favorite followers I think I’m going to just do 10 facts. This was harder than I thought it was going to be.

1. I have a really big family. 3 sisters 1 half brother 1 step sister 1 step brother a step dad like 12 aunties and uncles and over 30 cousins.

2. I lost a baby very early on. Yes I will say baby because it is what it is.

3. Sometimes I don’t like myself very much.

4. People think because I believe in God and am of the christian faith that I am a judgmental person who hates people who are gay etc. That’s not the case at all. Its not my place to judge what people decide to do. The only thing I can do is simply respect them as a human being as everyone deserves respect and treat them equal to everyone else or treat them the way I want to be treated as a person.

5. I always have to sleep with the fan on no matter how cold it is.

6. I love the rain. Any cold wet weather! I love being outside when its pouring down rain I wish I lived somewhere where it rained all the time non stop.

7. I find it hard to watch TV shows or movies with drama in them because I stress out in the situations they’re experiencing and I end up covering my face, biting my nails off, crying, yelling at the TV or even feeling bad about it for days.

8. I miss my high school friends. I would do anything to be able to hang out with them all together for just another day to reconnect with everyone and mend any friendships which I ruined.

9. I’m getting married in September to the most wonderful person..although he does snore… :/

10. My body thinks its fun to be allergic to itself or something at least. Doctors can’t even tell me what. So I’m constantly having my eyes and lip and tongue swell up and breaking out in hives.

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Last night we all had our childhoods ruined by realising Corridor from Plasmo, a favourite show as a kid, is pretty much a vagina.


Last night we all had our childhoods ruined by realising Corridor from Plasmo, a favourite show as a kid, is pretty much a vagina.

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I hate when people transfer to my school and become popular no that’s bullshit I’ve been here for 12 years screw u

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6/? Favourite Supernatural Tumblr Posts

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